Fine Art

Artist statement

Currently, I am interested in the intersection between art and craft: Who decides what counts as art or craft? Are they really that different? Or can they coexist?

I am a firm believer that everyone has the potential to be creative and that art is one of the gifts of being human. I like to create paintings that use vivid colors and movement to express abstract feelings and thoughts.

I also like to experiment with unusual materials in my paintings (like glitter) in an effort to expand the definitions of “fine art.” If nothing else, these paintings are very “me,” and I hope they will bring joy to others!

Red Paper Sculpture

This was one of my favorite projects in intro to sculpture–we were asked to select one material to make a sculpture out of. I loved how balled-up red paper looked so beautiful in this form.

Figure Drawing

Several drawings from my figure drawing class at WFU in 2005.